OPP: Other People’s Projects

Since I’ve been deathly afraid of releasing something without a band over the last few years, most of my time has been spent working on music projects with other people. More recently, my friend Andy Ellis from Black Lab and I produced and recorded a couple songs for our friend Johanna Cranitch from Johanna and the Dustry Floor. Usually we’d start with a little demo Johanna recorded on Garage band with some vocals and keys and then the three of us would build the tracks together. Because of certain limitations, we had to be creative with some of the samples… like using paint buckets for drums and pens for drumsticks. Here’s one song we worked on off of her record “Northern Lights.”

That being said, all this work on other people’s music has inspired me to release out a little 4 song E.P. on my own. While it’ll be a little rough n somber, I plan to put it out at the beginning of the new year :)


Adventures in Songwriting

Last week I took on a fun songwriting project with fellow homies, Chris Upton (former bass player for Lola Ray, who has a solo project called¬†Foxkit), and Mike Green. The commission is to write music to lyrics written by some dood I’ve never met. Halfway done and it blows my mind how good or bad lyrics can be depending on their delivery. This week, I’ma finish up the melodies while Chris crushes the beats. Hopefully our brains united with this mystery man will make for a sweet little ditty. Could be a total turd, but we won’t know till next week. Either way, I’ll post it in the Music section of this site when it’s available.

If you have any ideas for a project you’d like me to be involved in, don’t hesitate to visit my about¬†page and hit me up.