New Song with Foxkit


Here’s a new song Chris (Foxkit) and I wrote and recorded recently. I designed the above image using a photo taken by Jake Bradly. It’ll be available on iTunes shortly :) Enjoy!


Adventures in Songwriting

Last week I took on a fun songwriting project with fellow homies, Chris Upton (former bass player for Lola Ray, who has a solo project called¬†Foxkit), and Mike Green. The commission is to write music to lyrics written by some dood I’ve never met. Halfway done and it blows my mind how good or bad lyrics can be depending on their delivery. This week, I’ma finish up the melodies while Chris crushes the beats. Hopefully our brains united with this mystery man will make for a sweet little ditty. Could be a total turd, but we won’t know till next week. Either way, I’ll post it in the Music section of this site when it’s available.

If you have any ideas for a project you’d like me to be involved in, don’t hesitate to visit my about¬†page and hit me up.